BukTrips.com launches City NFTs: Real-world NFT utility

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5 min readMay 27, 2023

Put your crypto to use and own real-world tradable hotel room booking NFTs.

Buktrips City NFTs
City NFT campaign is now Live

Hello Web3 travelers,

Welcome to our latest introduction of real-world NFT utility for our travel community! We are excited to announce the launch of City NFT: convert your hotel-room booking into an NFT, enjoy your stay and ensure a perpetual royalty stream from this booking. Voila!?….excited? Well, we are too!

Become a proud owner of a one-of-a-kind limited edition NFT that has potential revenue accruals for you and can be bought, sold, and displayed in your wallet.


  • City NFTs will unlock real-world utility with hotel bookings on Buktrips.
  • City NFT holders will be eligible to earn royalty on every hotel booking on Buktrips for a particular selected city.
  • 200 first-edition City NFTs for Dubai will be given to first 200 bookings on buktrips.com with perpetual royalty.

But first, how do I get a City NFT?

Buktrips is launching it’s City NFTs limited edition sale starting 24th May 2023 at 01:00 UTC. Follow the steps to make a hotel-room booking and be eligible for a chance to the first-edition DUBAI CITY NFT airdrop:

  1. Go to buktrips.com
Buktrips hotel booking home page

2. Connect your Metamask wallet by clicking on the Login tab on top right corner. Ensure to hold some MATIC in your wallet for any gas fees.

Note: Minimum 5 MATIC is needed to initiate a transaction on BukTrips.

Connect via metamask or web3 modal

3. Make a hotel-room booking for an upcoming travel journey to any destination worldwide using your cryptocurrency.

Results for hotel search on Buktrips

4. Confirm your booking and complete the payment.

Note: While we are built on Polygon, we have an inbuilt on-chain bridge and swap which allows you to purchase with all major cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

Buktrips booking confirmation page

5. The BukTrips platform automatically mints your hotel-room booking as an NFT.

Buk hotel booking NFT on OpenSea

You may see the Transaction section on your booking confirmation invoice for blockchain hash details or even check on OpenSea and Rarible for your booked hotel-room NFT.

The traits on OpenSea will show check-in, check-out, location, room name and other details.

Once you make a hotel room booking for any location worldwide on the Buktrips platform, a limited first edition BLANK CITY NFT will be airdropped into the same wallet used for making the booking. Hold on to this because once the first 200 bookings are completed, your BLANK CITY NFT will automatically be converted into a DUBAI CITY NFT. Whoa!!!…..We did mention unlocking new revenue streams.

Note: The city NFT will be airdropped after check-out dates. Canceled booking not eligible.

So starting 24th May 2023 01:00 UTC, if you are one of the first 200 people to make a hotel-room booking on Buktrips, you will be among the proud owners of a DUBAI CITY NFT.

Do follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates on DUBAI CITY NFT.

What are the benefits of holding this CITY NFT?

The benefits are plenty other than being the proud owner of a use-case NFT.

  1. From the 201st booking that is made on BukTrips, 1% of the booking value for every booking made on the platform will here onwards be distributed among all the 200 DUBAI CITY NFT holders. Wait what, till when you ask? Well for this limited-edition DUBAI CITY NFT, it is forever for the holder of the NFT!! 😃Yes, we do genuinely believe our community should be a part of our booking revenue accruals. This is our first endeavor to ensuring that and we will continue building more for you all. 🙌
  2. The CITY NFT also provides holders the opportunity to receive random airdrops of travel discounts, group discounts, and much more for hotel properties worldwide.
  3. It will also serve as Proof of Travel.
  4. The 1% accrual can be claimed back against any future booking on BukTrips, without any limit or constraints.
  5. We are soon opening tradability on BukTrips which will allow holders to trade their bookings on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. You can auction, buy, sell your CITY NFT in secondary markets. If you resell the DUBAI CITY NFT, the balance accruals in it will be transferred to the new owner.

DUBAI CITY NFT is just the first of many monumental creations that intends to roll out in the months to come. We are incredibly excited for the next stages of our CITY NFT roll-out. This is a great step towards our aim of creating real-world utility in travel and hospitality — and we certainly look forward to sharing the accruals with all our early users who put their faith in us to help grow the BUK ecosystem.

Plan that trip, get buking!!

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