Buktrips Launches Hotel Room NFT Trading on Polygon Testnet

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2 min readNov 7, 2023

DOVER, DE; USA — November 7, 2023 — Buk Technology proudly announces the live deployment of Buktrips Hotel Room NFT Trading on their testnet, bringing a new asset class to trade. The newly launched Buktrips.com platform offers a tokenized marketplace where users can seamlessly buy, resell, and trade hotel room bookings.

With the Buk protocol, every booking generates a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that serves as ownership of the reservation. This NFT empowers travelers by allowing them to resell their bookings, providing a level of flexibility that avoids traditional cancellation fees. This cutting-edge approach transforms the static nature of reservations, offering a dynamic, tradable asset in the form of an NFT.

Buktrips.com not only brings flexibility to travelers but also introduces a novel way to leverage technology for trading hotel rooms akin to stocks. Users can now trade their NFT-based hotel room reservations for highly sought-after events or popular destinations, reflecting the value of these bookings just like conventional assets. Trading currently is done with stablecoins, but will soon provide options for Credit cards, as well.

“The launch of Hotel Room NFT Trading on our testnet represents a monumental shift in the travel and trading industry,” said CEO Arul Prakash of Buk Technology. “Our platform offers a solution that grants travelers the freedom to resell their bookings, mitigating cancellation fees and enabling trading of hotel room reservations, similar to the stock market. This innovation not only benefits travelers but also hoteliers by increasing the revenue share from Non-Refundable bookings, improving revenue assurance, and a completely new revenue stream in the form of trading royalties.”

Buktrips.com encourages early adopters to experience the future of travel by participating in the live testnet and exploring the benefits of NFT-based hotel room trading.

For more information and to participate in the testnet, please visit: https://t.me/buktrips

For partnership inquiries, please contact: hello@buk.technology

About Buk Technology Inc. Buk Technology is a platform for tokenized distribution of hotel room inventory, making them a tradable and resalable asset class with transparent secondary markets. Buk facilitates seamless reselling across various channels, creating new revenue streams for hotels while enhancing price control and transparency.

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