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5 min readJul 6, 2023

Get priority access for Trader’s Lounge for Buktrips hotel rooms NFT trading. Put your cryptocurrency to use.

Sign Up for Trading Priority Access now to join Trader’s Lounge and get whitelisted for upcoming hotel-room trading from an inventory of 700k+ properties across 100 cities, and rising.

Buktrips is powered by Expedia, Priceline, Polygon and other stalwarts and we are excited!!! 🙌

Hello Web3 community!

We are always happy to bring something new for our users. And this time we are bringing you the best of it’s kind NFT tradability with real-world utility.

Trading is one of the most quintessential aspects of the crypto and NFT world. It is the way the community signals their belief or fears about a project. Trading is the first thing that Normies explore when they enter the web3 decentralized ecosystem and of course, Degens live by it!! 😼

We have all done that but till now trading has been limited to digital collectibles, artworks and jpegs.

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely loved that; BUT it is time to create a new revolution now.

It is time to embody new dreams and this time not limit ourselves to the digital world. IT IS TIME TO BRING THE NEXT TRADING REVOLUTION WITH REAL-WORLD UTILITY.

So put those trading caps on, wear your NFT pfps proud, fire those wallets up and let’s get started.

Buktrips brings hotel room trading

Buktrips is soon launching hotel room trading on the platform. The first phase of trading launch is for early September 2023.

Think of hotel bookings for hot travel spots and the trendiest events across the globe! Keep your stash of bookings and get ready to swap hotel rooms with high-demand experiences. I mean isn’t it crazy how difficult it is to get a hotel-room when the F1 is pumping in Rome or there is a Taylor Swift concert in town?? But what if you hold hotel-room NFTs at these locations!! Whoa, that would be uber 🆒.

Book much-ahead of time with buktrips well-stocked inventory and keen-eye insights into world travel, happenings, destinations and events such as an upcoming rocking Christmas bash in London, a mind-blowing Super Bowl experience in the USA, an adrenaline-pumping F1 race in Italy, or even catch on action at the Australian Open or Wimbledon. Fancy a chill Greek villa escape during European summer? We got you covered! And hey, why not welcome the New Year in style with a dazzling night in Paris?

Well, the hotel-stays at these coveted events and destinations shoot through the roof and Buktrips has a well-stocked inventory at all these destinations!!

Hotel rooms surge during events — Buktrips
Bloomberg report: Hotel-prices skyrocket in Singapore in 2022

Turn these epic experiences into mind-blowing NFT trades on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible to trade them like a true crypto degen.

Get your funk on with some real-world utility while diving into the thrilling world of crypto trade!

Whitelist for trading is now open.

Buktrips Early Access is Live

How to be whitelisted for Buktrips trading?

You can join the whitelist through the following two ways:

  1. Trader’s Lounge: Pay 10 USDC and get whitelisted to join the Buktrips exclusive Telegram Trader’s Lounge.
  2. Book a stay: Book a stay on buktrips.com and get access to trading. If you have ever booked a stay through buktrips.com then join the Buktrips telegram, share your hotel booking with the team, get verified and post verification they will add you to the exclusive Trader’s Lounge.

Pssst: Participate in our twitter whitelist giveaway for a limited 10 spots per month (July & Aug) which will be given to some lucky traders. Hit that follow button now and stay tuned for updates on our twitter giveaway program.

What is Buktrips trader’s lounge?

Trader’s Lounge is an exclusive community of web3 traders on telegram, supported by the Buktrips team. We support real-world utility NFT trading. Buktrips first launch is hotel-room trading. In subsequent phases we will also be introducing events and airfare trading. The Trader’s Lounge members who join before 1st September 2023, will be automatically whitelisted for all future trading launches on Buktrips platform.

Additionally, they will also receive interesting airdrops and other perks during token launch. Members of Trader’s Lounge will have first access to the hottest properties from an inventory across all major cities including Dubai, Sydney, Paris, London, Tokyo, Miami, Rome, and more. Also, get to chit-chat and share demand-supply insights in a room full of next-gen global traders. We totally love the whiff of this all!! 💸 💰

How to join Buktrips trader’s lounge?

Step 1. Go to the buktrips early access page.

Step 2. Click on priority access. Connect your wallet.

Connect Wallet on Buktrips for trading hotel room NFTs
Connect wallet on Buktrips

We support both hot and cold wallets. You may connect directly through Metamask or connect other hot/cold wallets via WalletConnect. Be sure to have the required USDC (on Polygon chain) for a transaction and some MATIC for gas fees.

Pay 10USDC on Polygon Chain (MATIC gas fees applicable)
Pay 10USDC on Polygon Chain (MATIC gas fees applicable)

Step 3. Pay 10 USDC (on Polygon chain) and complete the transaction. A telegram link will pop-up once you make the payment. Join the Trader’s Lounge.

Buktrips Trader’s Lounge Exclusive Invite
Buktrips Trader’s Lounge Exclusive Invite

You will be asked to verify the transaction by the team before entering the Lounge. In case of any support needed, please contact Buktrips telegram or DM on twitter and we will provide assistance.

We are super stoked to introduce hotel-room tradability. Going forward, we will progressively add more features and are committed to giving our beloved community the best experience. So put your tokens to good use and join the Buktrips Exclusive Trader’s Lounge for new-age real-world trades with crypto.

Also leaving you with an interesting read below from Forbes.

So don’t wait anymore, just hit that Priority Access button on our website and join the Exclusive Trader’s Lounge immediately!!

Stay tuned for future updates !

About Buktrips

Buktrips is a decentralized, open chain globally accessible platform built on buk.technology, making the conventional hotel inventory distribution and booking experience more flexible and decentralized to benefit all stakeholders — travelers, hotel owners and even middlemen who trade these inventory.

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