Partnership Announcement: Buk Teams Up with NeoSwap to Revolutionize Hotel Room Trading

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2 min readAug 29, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Buk and NeoSwap AI that promises to reshape the hospitality industry. At Buk, our mission has always been to redefine the way travel services are distributed, and this collaboration with NeoSwap takes us a giant leap forward.

Introducing NeoSwap: A Game-Changer in Trading Technology

NeoSwap, an AI-powered economic engine, is changing the game in blockchain technology. They have developed a cutting-edge framework that combines on-chain and off-chain data to create personalized price predictions and multi-way trade discovery. NeoSwap’s current offerings, including smart swaps, smart auctions, and AI trades, have already demonstrated their potential to unlock new economic value.

Transforming Hotel Room Trading

Through this partnership, Buk will harness NeoSwap’s innovative technology to bring a new level of liquidity and efficiency to hotel room trading. Imagine a world where hotel rooms are seamlessly traded and optimized, benefiting both travelers and hoteliers.

The Power of NeoSwap in Hotel Room Trading

With NeoSwap’s AI-driven technology, we will be able to:

Enhance Liquidity: Hotel rooms will become highly liquid assets, making it easier for travelers to find accommodations and for hoteliers to optimize their inventory.

Personalized Trading: NeoSwap’s AI will tailor trading recommendations based on individual preferences, past bookings, and real-time market data, ensuring travelers get the best deals.

Efficient Marketplaces: We’ll work towards creating AI-powered smart marketplaces that simplify the booking process and improve the overall trading experience.

A New Era in Travel

This partnership marks a significant step towards our vision of making travel flexible for travelers and cost-efficient for the industry. We believe that NeoSwap’s technology will unlock the full potential of hotel room trading, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey with NeoSwap. The future of hotel room trading is brighter than ever, and we’re thrilled to have you with us.

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